We assess your property for free !


Anyone who wants to sell a property has to rely on a solid property valuation. Alfred Huber property
provides such a property valuation for free. In order to determine the market value of the respective
apartment or house, we of course need some information about the location, the size and amenities of
the property as well as the age of the property. In every case we recommend an on‐site visit so that we
can also take a look at the existing substance.


A number of factors play a role in property valuation. The more accurate a picture of the condition and
location of the property we can get, the more accurate we can estimate the market value of your house
or property for you. We then use our market analyzes and our expertise in the real estate market to
determine our valuation. It is therefore always worthwhile for you to arrange an appointment with us for
an on‐site visit for a free real estate evaluation.


As a member of the Federal Congress of Real Estate Management and a certified real estate appraiser,
I will be glad to provide you with up‐to‐date information so that you can gain a market overview.
I look forward to hearing from you!