We offer more than the rest !

We see ourselves as a service provider with a clear mission: to market your property in the best way
possible. This means for us to convey your property at the best possible price within the shortest time
possible ‐ without sightseeing trips, without broken notarial contracts, and without stress.



All activities will be discussed with you in advance.

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Pre-Sales Phase: Organizational Measures

Obtaining the documents for your property ‐ whether from the land register or building authority
Creation of high‐quality wide‐angle shots, including post‐processing
Creation of a virtual tour
Creation of a high quality exposés
Creation of an accurate market analysis



Marketing Measures

• Elease of property to selected Facebook Friends
Publication on our website
Matching with our customer list (noteworthy interested parties earmarked)
Publish the property on Immobilienscout, Immowelt, and other online marketplaces
A poster in the shop window
For Sale sign
Local Classifieds
Creation of an accurate market analysis



Pre‐qualification of prospective buyers
Coordination of Appointments
Professional conduct the viewings
Negotiations between prospective buyers and sellers
Notary commission
Purchase contract discussions with all stakeholders
Credit worthiness
Financial Advising
Assitance with the object transfer
Creation of the handover protocol